Pole Theatre Switzerland 2024
Professionnel - Drama
For this project on slavery, I used sounds to express captivity, forced labor, rebellion, and ultimately freedom. Elements such as chains, muffled cries, and freedom songs were combined to capture these different facets of the experience, creating an emotional and evocative sonic narrative. Additionally, I created a video montage that staged the entire theme, based on audio mixing, which enhanced the emotional and narrative impact of the project. Thanks to this collaboration, Audrey (aka Makeeda) not only won her category but also secured the title of best performance, thus bearing witness to the power of our work and her artistic vision.
Pole Theatre Switzerland 2024
Semi Pro - Art
I collaborated with Nelle on her project exploring life and its emotions, ranging from birth to death. Through a varied sonic palette, the aim was to express the different facets of this human experience, from moments of joy and happiness to moments of sadness and mourning. Sound elements such as heartbeats were integrated to enhance emotion and narrative. In parallel, I also created a video montage, staging the entire theme. This collaboration enabled Nelle to win the competition in her category.
Lily Croft
Pole Theatre Switzerland 2024
Semi Pro - Classique
I was tasked by Alizé to mix two distinct pieces of music. My job was to seamlessly merge these tracks while managing transitions and cuts to create a smooth and cohesive sonic experience. By manipulating sound levels, equalization, and effects, I ensured that the two tracks seamlessly integrated while preserving the artistic integrity of each piece. The final result was a cohesive and dynamic blend that allowed the artist to feel confident with their music, thereby reinforcing their confidence in their work.
Pole Aerial Competition Amateur Fribourg 2021
Semi Pro - Solo
My role primarily involved making cuts at strategic moments and ensuring smooth transition between two key musical tracks taken from the film "Interstellar." I ensured that these transitions occurred seamlessly, thus preserving the atmosphere and intensity of the original soundtrack.